Kick Your Asana - Yoga Teacher Training Edmonton

Kick Your Asana

Yoga Teacher Training Edmonton

Kick Your Asana - Yoga Teacher Training Edmonton

Yoga Teacher Training Edmonton 2019

Edmonton Yoga Teacher Training

This 200 Hour Teacher Training is for all students seeking to deepen their knowledge of the yoga practice, and will provide them with the skill sets necessary to be successful in teaching yoga and sharing this passion and journey with others.  This training has an increased emphasis on the intelligent alignment of poses, or asanas, (applying Western advances in understanding movement and the physical body to find a recognition that all bodies are different and learning how to modify each pose to accommodate these differences), and the journey towards the yogi lifestyle found both on and off the mat.  

This program is non-competitive, and is open to anyone prepared to embark on this incredible path.  Higher Love Yoga Academy is a Registered Yoga School, accredited through the Yoga Alliance, and upon completion, students will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance as RYT's (Registered Yoga Teacher), enabling them to teach yoga around the world.  

It is imperative that graduates of this program receive the highest quality of education available. Space will still be limited to ensure the highest quality of training possible. Register now to confirm your spot today.  Spring 2019 Session now accepting registrations. Register now to reserve your spot today!

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Sessions 2019

Spring Session 2019 Accepting Registrations
(Part-Time 4 months)

March 29-31
April 12-14
May 10-12 & May 31-June 2
June 14-16 & 21-23
July 5-7 & 19-21

Fridays 5:30pm-9:30pm
Saturdays and Sundays 8:30am-6pm

Fall Session 2019 Accepting Registrations
(Part-Time 4 months)

September 6-8 & 20-22
October 4-6 & 18-20
November 1-3 & 15-17
Nov 29- Dec 1
December 13-15

Fridays 5:30pm-9:30pm
Saturdays and Sundays 8:30am-6pm

Course Investment

Course Investment:

This 200 Hour training is an offering of Karma from our Lead Facilitator, Sara Cueva, who has significantly reduced the costs of this program, ensuring higher quality education can be made accessible to anyone who chooses to invest in this incredible journey.  

Tuition costs:

- $500 + gst (non-refundable deposit required to confirm your spot in the program).

- $1000+ gst (remaining tuition).

For a total of $1500 plus gst. 


Payments can be made via paypal, email money transfer, or cheque.  You will receive email confirmation of your successful enrollment within 2 business days. 

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What To Expect During Yoga Teacher Training

Edmonton Yoga Teacher Training

Training days will be long, typically 9 hours in each session.  It is highly recommended that you come prepared to sit on the floor for extended periods of time.  As this can be quite challenging on the physical body, it might serve you to bring a bolster, block, or blanket for sitting in comfort.  Each day there will be lectures and group discussion, a pen/notebook/journal are highly encouraged. 

Come dressed each day in clothes that you can practice in, but layers are encouraged for the seated lecture components.  This training has required readings, which are available for purchase prior to training, and one training manual which is included in course cost and will be provided to you on the program start date.  

Lunch breaks will be provided in our time together, and although there are many establishments near by that a bite to eat may be purchased, you are also welcome to bring your own lunch and snacks.  

Course Outline

Anatomy and Physiology (20 Hrs)

Teaching Methodology (25 Hrs)

Technique, Training & Practice (100 Hrs)

Philosophy, Ethics & Lifestyle (30 Hrs)

Electives (15 Hrs)

Practicum (10 Hrs)

How to Prepare for Training

As training is an intensive process, the following tips might be quite helpful in finding balance in your life during this time of transition and deep study. 

1. This training has a required reading component, including a textbook and additional readings, as well as suggested readings.  This list is distributed to all participants prior to training start date.  If you have the time and space in your schedule to do some of the readings ahead of time, it is a great way to start to familiarize yourself with the information, and allows for a little more freedom of time during the course.  

2.  Balance in our lives can be easily lost when we are not prepared. I highly encourage getting organized ahead of time.  I found a day-planner works best for me, but if you have another method that is great too.  I suggest planning your days around the training, so that you are certain you will have enough time for the other components of your life (work, spouse, children, prior commitments, etc.).  I went through the training as a single mom of two young children, and can understand how hectic life can be when you are trying to pass your day-to-day responsibilities on to another person. Make time now to visit with family, and get any of the extras done ahead of time if possible (routine car servicing, dentist/optometrist appointments, etc).

3. I found preparing meals in advance and freezing them (so that after a long day of training you are not rushing home to make dinner for the next hour) quite helpful. 

What Next? 

Upon the successful completion of the course, you will be provided with a certificate, which you will submit to the Yoga Alliance.  Once received by them, you can register as a Registered Yoga Teacher.  This accreditation will allow you to teach around the world.  For more information on the benefits of registering with the Yoga Alliance, check out their site