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Kick Your Asana

Yoga Teacher Training Edmonton

Kick Your Asana - Yoga Teacher Training Edmonton

Lead Educator - Sara Cueva, E-RYT 500, Founder & Director Higher Love Yoga Academy

"Don't be afraid to stumble and fall down a little, because often it is doing what scares you the most that offers the greatest rewards" - OTH.

This quote represents my journey with yoga. I have realized that you have to fall to walk, as you have to fall to find your balance. Finding the strength to challenge those fears, doubts, attachments, insecurities, etc. by learning how to let them go, to laugh them off, to find the spontaneous play, and the ease, within the hard work and dedication, has had the most profound effect on my life. Understanding that it is necessary to fall.

This journey started for me when I walked into a studio for the first time, curious about this "physical" practice, I made my way into a hot room, and never really left. When I'm on my mat I feel like I am home, my practice has been everything I needed it to be, when I needed it to be. I am constantly expanding my practice by taking teacher training intensives, workshops, and teaching people who inspire me everyday. I teach so that I can help people to find whatever it is they need, in this moment, in their lives, and am so grateful to be a part of that discovery.

"The road is long, and in the end, the journey is the destination" - OTH.

Sara is an E-RYT 500, accredited through the Yoga Alliance, and has advanced training in Yin, Prenatal, Ayurveda, Philosophy, Anatomy, Meditation and more.  Sara is a University lecturer, teaching in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sports, and Recreation.  She has a General degree in Sciences (BGS), Diploma in Arts (graduating Honours with Distinction) and is currently studying Advanced Topics in Kinesiology.  Sara also teaches public drop in classes in and around the city of Edmonton, AB.

Anatomy Instructor - Dayna Leskiw

The Anatomy instructor for this session will be Dayna Leskiw.

Dayna is a full-time yoga teacher working in the Edmonton area. Prior to transitioning to teaching yoga full-time, Dayna trained and worked as an occupational therapist in the practice area of neurology. Dayna holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology and a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, both from the University of Alberta.

Dayna is passionate about understanding how the human body functions and applying her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to the teaching of yoga. Dayna is looking forward to instructing the anatomy portion of this teacher training and sharing her love of the study of the human body with the participants in this program.

Support Instructors

Lisa Buckland, RYT 200, Meditation

Lisa Gaglione, RYT 200 Anatomy & Physiology

Monica Desmarais, RYT 200, Acro and Partner Yoga

Jaime McKeag, RYT 200, Subtle Body

Nand Narine, E-RYT 500, Ceremony